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One Day Tours from Amman - Islamic Tour of Mt Nebo, al-Karak and Lot's Wife's Pillar


Day 1:

Pick up from Amman Hotel by English* speaking driver. Visit the King Abdullah Mosque and drive through downtown Amman before heading south along the Kings' Highway to Mt Nebo. Here Prophet Moses viewed the Promised Land before dying.

We continue driving south to the Tombs of the Martyrs of The Battle of Mu'tah at al-Karak. The most significant and fiercest battle fought during Prophet Mohammad's (PBUH) lifetime was the Battle of Mutah (629 AD). It took the lives of his closest companions, martyred fighting against a combined Byzantine/ Ghassanid army. In the town of Al Mazar Al Janubi, close to Karak, you will be able to visit the tombs of the venerable companions Zaid bin Harithah (the first leader killed during the Battle of Mu'tah), Ja'far bin Abi Talib (famous for his acts of charity), and Abdullah bin Ruwahah (one of the twelve representatives of the Ansar).

We will return to Amman via the Dead Sea Highway, stopping at Lot's Wife Pillar. See the massive salt deposits along the shoreline of the Dead Sea and feel how much warmer the temperature is. At 420m below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth.


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